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By Eckart Schillings.   Your most passionate Diamond Dealer, Diamond-Setter and Master Jeweller.
Providing you with all types o f natural Diamonds at realistic Prices. Personalised Services!
German precisionwork in Australia. 
Experience the Difference!                            Updated: SEPTEMBER 2020

Natural Diamonds are the most superior Gemstone to Make YOU Shine!

I have been working professionally with Diamonds for 34 years.

Helped many People with a beautiful, selected Diamond!

Fully guaranteed by international Diamond-Certification.

Integrity - Passion - Confidentiality 

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How to obtain a quality Diamond from Eckart Schillings?

A:   You have already been shopping around and you have a good Idea what kind of Diamond you want. You just want to make sure you get the best Quality and Best service for your Money... Simply contact me via email, phone or visit my Studio at Peregian Beach, Qld 4573. I will then offer you a possibly better Diamond with a much better Cut for a price that is better than many other Offers you may have, even the Online "Cheap Offers" 

B:   You are thinking that you like to purchase a Diamond for Jewellery or Investment purpose but unsure where to go and who would give you good Advice and ongoing service... Contact me now for a Free Consultation at my Studio, or via Phone / Email. Always happy to help! 

It is a Journey! Contact me now and see how a sparkling Diamond is so much more than just a Gemstone! 

You do not want to purchase a Diamond in a Rush!